Interview with a Mountain Hunter

" become the best and believe me, here you will be because for the Galician hunters it is WIN OR DIE!"

In this blog we are going to share an interview with a colleague from Mountain Hunters carried out on our Discord channel, we hope you like it.

How is the life of a mountain hunter?

Depending on the companies, they form before or after for the flag, which is at 8:00, then they do sports (the variety of this will be imposed by the command), at 9:00 they take a break for breakfast and at 10:00 / 10:30 a.m. Activities begin, which will vary depending on the season and the needs of the company.

Finally at 3:00 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. in summer, the day ends.

What qualities or aptitudes are they looking for in the specialty?

Active personnel, no people who settle down and become lazy or lazy, since this unit is demanding and in mountain maneuvers even more so, even to the point of costing their lives, an attitude of self-improvement, strong and determined people to sport to achieve good physical performance and will be at the height of the companies. 

The most important thing is the head, it can get twice as much strength as your body and that will help you get through difficult times, always get ahead, so let's say that people with a strong moral and attitude are very valid. unwavering.

Do you usually get out of maneuvers a lot?

Let's say about 5/7 times a year.

Can you combine work with family life?

Yes, my family is 800km away and they can still enjoy it, although from experience I can say that it depends on the person himself, and what depends on his family, but come on, there are people here who have their family and can enjoy her.

How did you do at CEFOT? 

It was not a bad experience, it was one of the covid cycles for which it was somewhat strange, but we have an experience that I am very happy to have had.

Do they give you any problems when you want to buy a flat or house if you are stationed in Jaca? Is it worth living there?

No impediment, here people are very used to living with the military and yes, it is convenient to be here because it takes very little time to go from anywhere in the city to the barracks to work.

What did you study before entering the army, have you studied anything inside?

I have the middle and higher degree in mechanics, being inside I am getting the B1 of English.

What bachelor's degree and/or career is the best to enter mountain hunters?

That does not matter exactly, to be in the unit there is no preference for the study you have.

Within the unit, is it difficult to study for promotion or oppositions?

I study perfectly and I am not a very graceful person for studies so my answer is: "if you want perfectly you can". The unit when you have an antiquity helps you with these.

What made you choose the unit you're in?

I wanted to join the army to serve Spain and the Spaniards, prevent atrocities from happening again in the world as there were in previous conflicts, be prepared for what might be required of me and give my best performance.

I did not enter for the "little payment", I entered to work as a professional soldier, so I could think of a better destination than one of the oldest regiment in history, the RI Galicia 64 hunters, an ancient glory of our army and a high readiness task force, each and every one of us here is very proud of who we are and what we do.

Hunters have a reputation for being a good unit for their preparation for most of the qualities required for the special operations course to access the MOE, is that true?

If it is, many of our commanders and soldiers go on to take the course as soon as they can, since this unit in itself prepares you physically and mentally to face it.

How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally to enter this unit?

Let's say that I'm not a physical carrier, I used to work as a mechanic, I had to start doing sports for half a year before presenting myself to the CEFOT, but here they're not going to kill you for not being in shape, they pressure you so that you improve and get to the required level, but progressively.

Is any previous knowledge of climbing, mountaineering or skiing required before entering the unit?

No previous knowledge is required, here they will teach you from 0 the controls and former who are qualified in mountain. 

What do you like most about the unit?

What I can like the most about this unit is the closeness of the controls, it's like a big family, we're all united as one. In addition, the geographical location of the unit is located in a beautiful place, and in a city that adapts very well to the required needs. It is not poorly located and makes it much easier to adapt to it, even if you wanted to come with your family.

What do you like least about the unit?

In my opinion, it is a bit out of date in combat tactics, I even reconsider the possibility that the commanders do not bother to do more complex exercises when live ammunition is used due to the danger that someone could get hurt.

While on maneuvers, do you do joint exercises with other units?

Yes, they are done, even with foreign units, especially enemies, since we are very effective in open field tactics and we are good at skirmishes, but they also make us allies, and what is sought is that the units work jointly regarding the strategies and ways of carrying out the different actions according to those established by the army, for example, correctly surveying an observation point between two units.

Once in the unit, what or who determines your role? For example, who would carry the machine (MG).

Let's say that according to the command, a committed commander would study his platoon and see who to attribute the tools to. A controller that doesn't care about it would place it by age or by bitching, since the only nice thing about MGs is shooting them because then loading and cleaning them is a bit of an ordeal.

How do you deal with the cold issue?

Well, here let's say that we have several factors, the first is the economic factor, here you have to come with the awareness that you are going to spend a lot of money on winter material, thermals, jetboil, etc. It is a demanding environment and you need a material to match, not to be frightened by the economic cost, since each one spends according to their tastes and economic conditions. 

In second place is the moral factor, never fall into laziness, do not let each other, you must always have very high morale, change some socks, a t-shirt and feel in glory. Examine the sights and be amazed by them, evade your mind and avoid falling. 

We also have the physical factor: moving, even standing still, bending your knees constantly, moving your arms, wrists, not letting the heat go down, dressing up or losing clothes while respecting the qualities of each one. Acclimatize when you are in the barracks or around the city, don't go warm until dawn, go fresh so that the body acclimatizes correctly and then you won't have any problems. 

Last but not least, the maintenance factor, this is where we have to take care of ourselves, when we stop to bundle up, when we are on the move, wear the necessary clothes so as not to sweat and then the sweat does not freeze, make broths or infusions, carry them in a thermos to go drinking and that the heat does not decay, etc.

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Well, let's say that you have to come make them aware of "what you come for", this is not a job like any other, here you come to be a SOLDIER and to be the ELITE, you have to come aware that there are colleagues who are here because they like it their work and the one that only comes to you for economic interest is not well looked at here and they get to you quickly, be clear about that, we are few and we know each other.

My biggest tip? alert, things with energy and joy, waking up in the morning for all, have value and courage. It is also very important to have respect for your superiors and seniors, they have been around longer, observe them, see what they do and how they do it, be smart and always be prepared, don't be surprised, it is preferable that they tell you to undo something, instead instead of being told to do it.

In sports, don't let yourself go, constantly be in good physical shape and take care of yourself, so that later you don't spend time keeping up with the rhythms. 

Another piece of advice, boots to go out, to be at home, in short, for almost everything, put them on, let your feet get used to it. Well, jokes aside, so to speak, I've been wearing boots practically since I was born and I can't say that I've gotten a single blister, but you have to know how you step and where you could get chafed to be able to prevent them.

Here you will find people who have to go sideways because of the number of medals they wear on their chest and all of them loaded with value, experience, courage and HONESTY, that's why you have to earn all those tips, anecdotes that can pick up each one of them. them, to become the best and believe me, here you will be because for the Galician hunters it is WIN OR DIE!


Esa es la actitud! Viva el Galicia!

Malú May 24, 2022

Buena entrevista, se le nota motivado.
Mi más firme apoyo, para todos los militares, os merecéis mucho más de lo que os dan, ya basta de palmaditas en la espalda y medallitas, esperó que os reconozcan económicamente vuestro trabajo, equiparación salarial con Policia Nacional y GC.

J carral December 29, 2021

Me ha gustado mucho la entrevista, me recuerda a mi paso por la Legión en el entusiasmo mostrado y con pesar puesto que al pertenecer a la antigua SOE, por problemas que no vienen al caso, no pude realizar el curso de montaña.
Un abrazo y una Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo.

Eduardo Camacho Palacino December 28, 2021

Me parece una entrevista interesante, donde se puede apreciar que para pertenecer a ella hay que ser consciente del trabajo que realiza.

Diego December 28, 2021

Me ha encantado la entrevista, sé leve muy bien y contento en el ejército, ojalá tu yo ahora mismo 18 años para poder ingresar otra vez en el ejército, yo serví en el tercio duke de alba en Ceuta y soy del 5/1991por entonces era Cabo 1primero daría hasta la última gota de sangre por mi país

Angel Ruiz borgoñoz December 28, 2021

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