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Pruebas físicas

Physical tests

The physical tests of the National Police are not very demanding, but since there is high competition, it is important to get a good mark.

agility circuit

The agility circuit is as follows, if the stripe is continuous you have to go under it, if it is discontinuous you have to jump over the fence.

Pull-ups (men)

From the pure suspension position with palms forward, full extension of the arms, push-ups will be performed with the chin poking above the bar and fully extending the arms without allowing the swing of the body or help with leg movements. A try.

Pull-ups (female)

The exercise consists of remaining, as long as possible, in the position described: arms bent, grip with the palms of the hands facing backwards, legs fully extended and not touching the ground, chin above the bar and without contact with her. A try.

1000 meter dash

The test will be done in a group. On a smooth, flat and hard surface. . Only one attempt will be made

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