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High school equivalencies for the CNP

The equivalencies to baccalaureate are the following:

  • Bachelor's degree (BUP Law 14/1970) or any Higher Bachelor's degree (general, labor or technical) included in Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education. Thirty-first additional provision.2
  • Proof of access to a higher degree, to higher-level professional education in plastic arts and design and to higher-level sports education, provided that proof of possession of the ESO title or academic equivalent included in Art.4.1 of the Order EDU/1603/2009.
  • Proof of access to higher artistic education for people over the age of nineteen, provided that one of the following requirements is accredited: ESO degree or equivalent, equivalence established in point 1 of article 3 of this order or having passed at least 15 credits Higher ECTS of higher artistic education. collected in Art.4.2 of Order EDU/1603/2009

  • University entrance test for people over twenty-five years of age, as long as it is accredited: to be in possession of the ESO degree or equivalent or to have passed at least 15 ECTS credits of university studies included in Art.4.3 of the EDU/1603/ 2009 drafting of Order EDU/520/2011.

  • Partial studies of a baccalaureate prior to the LOGSE, with the exception of the Elementary Baccalaureate, provided that it is proven that at the time the higher grade or revalidation test was pending or a maximum of two subjects of the corresponding baccalaureate included in Art.4.4 of Order DU/1603/2009.
  • Title of Vocational Training Technician or Plastic Arts and Design or Sports Technician, in any of its modalities included in DA1ª of Order EDU/1603/2009.
  • Title of Auxiliary Technician of Law 14/1970 LGE included in DA31ª.3. of the LOE + DA1ª of Order EDU/1603/2009.
  • Accreditation through official documents of passing certain Artistic Education studies listed in Annex II of Order EDU/520/2011 included in Art.4.5 of EDU/1603/2009 drafting of Order EDU/520/2011.

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