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Mochilas militares originales

Which military backpack to choose?

When it comes to military backpacks, the market offers a wide range of variants and options to suit the changing needs of each individual in different situations. The choice of backpack size plays a crucial role, as it must be in tune with the specific needs of each user. Below, we will divide tactical military backpacks into different capacities to make your choice easier:

20 Liter Military Backpack: Everyday Versatility

The 20-liter military backpack is the ideal choice for daily use that does not require a large carrying capacity. This option also meets most airlines' carry-on requirements, making it a versatile choice for travelers.

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36 Liter Military Backpack: The Perfect Balance

36 liter military backpacks are by far the most popular. This size offers a good balance between space and portability, making them ideal for everyday use. They are ideal for both everyday life and longer adventures, meeting the needs of a wide group of users.

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Military Backpack of More than 36 Liters: For Epic Expeditions

For larger expeditions, military backpacks larger than 36 liters are the right choice. Some options, like 5.11's renowned Rush 72 military backpack, can reach up to 100 liters in capacity. These backpacks are ideal for adventures that require a large carrying capacity, such as long pilgrimages or extensive treks.

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The Best Military Backpack Brands

When choosing a quality military backpack, it is essential to consider the leading brands on the market. Below we highlight some of the best options:

MILTEC Backpacks: Quality and Price

The backpacks of the German brand MILTEC are leaders in sales and are inspired by the design of the original military backpacks of the United States. The best-selling MILTEC backpack is the 36 liter version. These backpacks offer excellent value for money and are ideal for those looking for durability without compromising the budget.

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5.11 Backpacks: Excellence in Quality and Design

The backpacks of the American brand 5.11 are a reference in the sector. They are made with top quality materials and feature unique designs. The most famous line is the RUSH, which covers a wide variety of capacities, from the compact RUSH 12 with 24 liters to the spacious RUSH 100 with 60 liters. 5.11 backpacks are the perfect choice for those looking for maximum quality and exclusive design, regardless of the price.

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Helikon-Tex and Direct Action Backpacks: Tactical and Military

The backpacks of these Polish brands share the quality of 5.11 products but present a more military and tactical design. They are ideal for those looking for a military backpack with a distinctive style.

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The Best Selling Military Backpack: MILTEC 36 Liters

The most popular model is the MILTEC 36 liter backpack. With a capacity of 36 liters and great functionality, this backpack meets the needs of a wide group of users, making it the favorite choice of many people.

In short, choosing the right military backpack depends on your specific needs and style preferences. With market-leading brands and a variety of capacities available, finding the perfect backpack for your next challenge is at your fingertips.

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