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¿Puedo ser policía teniendo tatuajes?

Can I be a police officer with tattoos?

Tattoos National Police: Can I be tattooed? ▷➡️ 2023

If you are thinking of applying for the National Police Corps (CNP), surely you already know that there are some requirements that you must meet in order to qualify beforehand to overcome the opposition.
Regarding tattoos, you should know that there are some requirements that must be respected if you do not want to encounter surprises during your attempt to enter the body, although they are increasingly accepted and normalized, we detail them below so that you keep them in mind and know at all times which are:

  • The first thing you should know is that tattoos by themselves do not constitute a reason for exclusion, as indicated by Organic Law 2/1986.
  • You must keep in mind that they are going to ask you about your tattoos in the interview that they will do to you during the opposition, whether they give you the right certificate or not will depend on your answers.
  • The type of tattoo you have will also be a determining factor, keep in mind that having flowers tattooed is not the same as having a symbol of a certain ideology.
  • You'll probably have more opportunities for access if they're not visible in the summer uniform (which is the short-sleeved one), but they won't exclude you if they do.

As you can see, tattoos are not a reason for exclusion to oppose the National Police Corps (although they are for other state security forces and bodies), but the meaning you give them and the answers you give when asked because of them, they can tip the balance in your favor or, on the contrary, get you out of the opposition.

We wish you good luck and encouragement!

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