Pixel Forest Combat T-Shirt - Delta Tactics

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Combat shirt or ACS (Advance Combat Shirt) from the Spanish brand Delta Tactics is designed for use with the different combat vests with total comfort. It is made with RipStop material on the neck and sleeves, the torso is made of technical Nylon and Elastane fabric for superior comfort to traditional combat shirts. Both the seams and the finishes have been created to largely avoid all kinds of chafing derived from the prolonged use of heavy plate-carrying and equipment-carrying vests. Likewise, the set is lightened with a mesh of great breathability in the areas of greatest effort.

It has pockets on both biceps with velcro panels and a high neck to give greater comfort to the set, avoiding chafing with the shoulder pads of our vests.

- Neck with YKK zipper closure to facilitate the use of combat vests without causing friction or damage to the neck, likewise, it protects us from the friction of tactical straps and other accessories.

- Designed to wear removable elbow pads, such as the flexible elbow pads that come included with the uniform.

- Designed to facilitate the use of combat vests, allowing superior breathability and freedom of movement compared to traditional combat shirts.

- System to keep the combat shirt in place during the most demanding movements, thus maintaining comfort.

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