The SILVA Expedition series is intended for experienced users and professionals. The Expedition series has been a world leader in precision and durability for many years. The SILVA Expedition series comes with two completely new features: a Slope card and a Scale lanyard.

If the terrain calls for a mirrored observation compass, Expedition S is your optimal companion. SILVA Expedition S features an easy-to-use Dryflex ™ housing, silicone rubber feet for working with precision maps, detachable safety laces, light markings for use at night, magnifying glasses, map measurement scales in mm or inches , 1: 25,000, 1: 50,000 and GPS scales, plus built-in adjusters for magnetic declination (including permanent local adjustment).

It has a mirror viewer
Expedition S can also measure 1: 40,000 map and comes with a clinometer to measure slope angle and 45-degree angle assist in mirror observation function. The mirror observation function is perfect for determining direction over longer distances.

Detect the risk of avalanches
The slope card is ideal for detecting the risk of avalanches. The scale cord has two scales; 1:25 and 1:50, making it easy to measure the distance of your walk. Since it is smooth and flexible, it is easy to place it directly on your route on the map. The new graphics contain a more distinctive arrow (Expedition) and also a more contemporary font.

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