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The Gatorz brand "BLACKOUT MAGNUM inferno photocromatic" glasses have complete eye coverage, they are preferred by special operations personnel, as they provide a comfortable and safe frame for any activity, whether professional or personal. 

This model has photochromic lenses.

When used indoors, the Inferno lens provides clear eye protection without any tint. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, the lens color automatically darkens, providing protection from the sun. This type of lens keeps your vision protected in any environment. 

Most common use cases:

Lack of concern when carrying out activities that involve entering closed spaces from the outside during the day.
Maintain eye protection from day to night.
Adequate coverage in cloudy or changeable weather conditions

Important information:

Photochromic lenses are temperature dependent; they look darker in cooler temperatures.
Photochromic lenses use ultraviolet light from the sun to activate; they won't transition if they're restricted by UV-blocking car windshields, under a hat, or anywhere else out of direct sunlight.
VLT varies from 85% (light) to 15% (dark) in a transition time of approximately 60 seconds.

Gatorz glasses are "moldable" this means that their frames can be perfectly adjusted to any person. Adjusting the nose guard, temples and frame to your liking.

It is made of lightweight and durable aerospace-grade aluminum.
Fully adjustable frame and nose piece.
Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.
Lifetime frame guarantee.
Made in the USA.

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