Help SGT1 Regalado

GAR First Sergeant Jose Luis Regalado, 47, has been diagnosed with a strange tumor whose treatment cannot be paid for by social security (ISFAS). 

The cost of the treatment amounts to € 3,500 per month for at least one year. For this reason, various collections and charitable events are being carried out to try to collect money for his treatment. 
The partner himself has already put all his assets up for sale to get at least the money necessary to start the treatment. 
Jose Luis has a wife and three children, with a single salary as sustenance, which makes this situation even more complicated. 
If you want to collaborate, we have created a donation campaign through the following CC and bizum to help the colleague with what we can. 


Por supuesto que voy a ayudar a este agente de la autoridad, los españoles le quiere, viva la Guardia Civil!

Gabriel Marin Sanchez September 12, 2020

Mucho ánimo, ayudaremos en la medida de lo posible. 💪💪💪

Antonio José Fernandez Martínez September 08, 2020

Mucha fuerza y animo.

Borja P September 08, 2020

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