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Acceso a la escala ejecutiva del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía

Access to the executive scale of the National Police Force

If you are reading these lines, it is because you are interested in access to the executive scale of the National Police Force (CNP). This branch of the body is the one that performs the functions of coordination and direction of the police service units, as well as investigative functions. This scale is made up of inspectors and chief inspectors.

In order to gain access to this scale, there are mainly two ways: access via internal promotion, that is, when the applicant is already part of the body or "from the street", or what is known as free opposition.
We are going to detail each one of them so that you have more clarity about the characteristics of each one:

• Internal promotion: As its name indicates, it is a promotion when the applicant is already part of the body, they must pass exactly the same exams and requirements as for the free opposition, although most of the times the members of the executive scale usually wear already serving as police officers for quite some time and earn points for time of service.

• Free opposition: Surely the most unknown by a large part of the population, but interesting for all those people who want to access the CNP without having to go through the basic scale. The main difference with internal promotion is that, in the internal case, places are reserved and merits are taken into account, in the case of free competition we must have the scores we get in the different phases (in addition to having to have college degree, none specific)

As you can see, it is not impossible to access the National Police Corps without having to go through the basic scale and access a good position in the Executive Scale, although it is a complicated challenge that will require a lot of preparation and tenacity on your part.

Jobs and ways of access

We wish you good luck!
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