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Entrevista a Spanish Pew 🔫

Interview with Spanish Pew 🔫

In this post we are going to interview the weapons expert @spanishpew , who will bring us a little closer to the world of weapons in Spain. A world somewhat unknown to many, either due to disinterest or lack of information.

1.- To start, let's get to know it a little better. Who is spanishpew and why did you create your community?
Spanishpew is an attempt at a character on the networks. I say try because in the end it is 100% me and I don't hide. I created this page with that name and anonymously to share the photos that followers sent me with their weapons and thus make the world known to outsiders.

However, after a short time I realized that many also wanted to know who was behind it, so I started uploading content with the "character" of the cap and glasses, which, after all, are my standard looks.

I firmly believe that a large part of citizens are completely unaware of their rights related to weapons but that they would have a license if someone explained to them how to obtain one. I also believe that the more of us, the better the institutions will treat us and that we must put aside this kind of rivalry between sports shooters, hunters and "tactics." We are all in the same boat.
2.- When did you get your weapons license? Because you did?
I got my license late, at 25, due to a mixture of ignorance and impossibility, I have gone around many times until my life stabilized enough. Even so, I took them off before being in the military. I felt the urgent need to collect weapons and learn to use them all, a kind of dream that I had since I was little, along with that of being a police officer.
3.- What weapons do you have?
I know quite a few who have more and better ones, but the truth is that I have a few, and I am also lucky enough to share my life with someone from the guild who has his own, and I have two brothers who are also licensed amateurs, which It gives me access to other weapons without buying them. A clear example is the famous Scorpion that I sometimes show, which is actually my brother's.

Let's say that at home I have more than ten but less than twenty weapons between shotguns, rifles and pistols, because of what I mentioned before, in my environment there are fans and we constantly give each other different weapons and in addition my girl also has a license.
I have to say, in case anyone doubts it, that all of them are perfectly legal, guided, kept in their gun cabinets (I have several) and in perfect working order.
4.- How often do you go to the shooting range?
I try to go at least once a month, but the price of ammunition is through the roof and that is practically what affects the hobby the most. Another problem is that federations have many rules (sometimes imposed and sometimes not so much) that limit the way of training, which is a bit frustrating.
5.- What types of shooting are practiced in Spain?
Many more than people imagine. Apart from the hunting exercise, you can shoot clay pigeons, do IPSC courses, precision pistols, long-distance shooting, and much more. If people were more informed in Spain there would be many more weapons and many more athletes. Even France has three times as many weapons per 100 inhabitants as we do, and that pisses me off .
6.- Is it difficult for a civilian to have a weapons license in Spain?
It is easier than it may seem , but it entails an economic cost that not everyone wants to assume, not only because of the fees that are not too excessive, but because of the requirement of an approved gunsmith. If you want to get the F and keep the gun at home, you are going to spend a minimum of 600 euros just on the safe. Add the course, the fees and the gun itself... in addition to the ammunition and membership in a club . But whoever wants can , some of us instead of spending 50 euros on drinks on a Saturday we spend it on a couple of boxes of 9 on Sunday.

7.- Opinion of the CZ scorpion Evo.
I understand that you are referring to the S1, which is the civil semi-automatic version. I am lucky to have one in the family and the truth is that I like it a lot. It's light, simple and fun to shoot. The only thing that bothers me and that is inevitable with our weapon regulations is that it is too long for the type of weapon it is.
8.- Expectations for the MP5 submachine gun (and all its variants) for the medium-long term future.
In my opinion, the MP5 is a weapon that fulfills its function perfectly, but there are other weapons that ate its toast a bit, such as the PDW (the MP7 itself or the P90) or more recently the SIG MPX, which honestly seems to me that threatens his reign. It seems that SIG is going to corner the market in the coming years thanks to its victory in the US.
9.- How do you see the future of legitimate defense in Spain?
I don't want to get too wet but I see it black . The law is only going to get worse, in our country unfortunately the rights of criminals take precedence over those of good citizens. But I think the trend is that insecurity will increase, so necessity will make many people lose their fear of depending on what laws in pursuit of their own protection and that of their loved ones .
10.- AR: 300 blackout or .222rem and why?
The .300 Blk seems better to me for hunting, it goes slower and is larger, so for short distances it is more lethal. It also performs better in short barrels and with a suppressor. However, for greater distances the .222 Rem is better, and if something had to be crossed, always send something smaller and faster. Without going into prices or availability, of course. What would be optimal is for the .223 (5.56x45mm) to be legalized , which would lower the price of imported rifles, and we would avoid having to use substitutes.
11.- What weapon do you see as most suitable for home defense?
Making it clear that in Spain you CANNOT carry weapons for defense except with A and B licenses , the best is a short shotgun. Very forceful at short distances, little danger of overpenetration of the walls, a lot of varied ammunition to choose from, and it does not require an approved gunsmith. I will soon release a video testing different cartridges with the Mossberg.
12.- AR 15 available in Spain? Differences between models, brands, calibers, etc.
The main differences between ARs are the qualities of the parts and materials, like everything in this life, and determine that some cost 1,800 euros and others 4,000. Then we have the length of the barrel, which will have to be chosen according to the use that is going to be given to it. One of the brands that everyone dreams of having in Spain is Daniel Defense, cinnamon sticks , but it is imported in dribs and drabs and is very expensive. For example, I have a Luvo, which is one of the cheap ones. As a colleague mentioned before, the most common calibers are the .222 Remington and the .300 Blackout, although they are sold in several others.
13.- Have a weapons license, but not oppose the FFCCSS, is it feasible and what is its use?
There is not a single weapons license , the one that the FAS and the FFCCS have that allows carrying, obviously civilians cannot have it, but you can get others that, although they do not allow carrying, do cover short and long weapons such as the D , the E and the F. These weapons in the hands of civilians are intended for hunting and sports shooting. Come on, by proxy you can have an AR-15 and a Glock 19, for example.
14.- What do you think of the weapons used in the Spanish FAS?
It must be clarified that the FAS is made up of three armies and within these multitude of very disparate branches and units, so not all of them use the same ones and may have specific weapons. I'll give you an example: the standard rifle is the H&K G36 but lately the Marine Corps is beginning to be equipped with the H&K 416. The G36 seems to me to be a reliable rifle, very easy to maintain, although a little long for many scenarios.
15.- Can a civilian get an assault rifle in Spain?
An assault rifle by definition is an automatic weapon, and according to article 6 of our Weapons Regulations, they are considered weapons of war and therefore prohibited, except for state agencies. What we can have are semi-automatic weapons that look like assault rifles .
16.- Which is better for gun holsters, leg holsters or belt holsters?
I would avoid the use of leg warmers except for very specific missions and moments. The angle of the leg can make drawing difficult depending on the position. As a general rule, to the belt, with a medium or low blade , to the consumer's taste, with a recommended leg strap.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to address this great community through your channel, for small pages like mine, the support of the big ones helps us grow and improve, and I believe that by reaching more people, great things can be achieved .
I want to add that I am always open to any questions that you want to DM me , and that if I can't resolve it, thanks to the incredible network of contacts that I am making through the RRSS ( Instagram , Youtube ) , there is always someone who knows more than me. I will answer it.
A hug to everyone and lots of pewpew!
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