Velcro leg fastenersVelcro leg fasteners
Sold out

Velcro leg fasteners

Sewing setSewing set

Sewing set

Boot cleaning setBoot cleaning set

Boot cleaning set

Green helmet holder
Green helmet holder

Green helmet holder

Command rope (15m)Command rope (15m)

Command rope (15m)

Medium first aid kitMedium first aid kit

Medium first aid kit

30L waterproof bag30L waterproof bag

30L waterproof bag

Red / white led head torchRed / white led head torch

Red / white led head torch


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The best articles of MIL-TEC

MILTEC is a German brand of military articles that was founded in 1971, it has a wide catalog. MIL-TEC is a widely known brand within the military world, especially within the Spanish army, there are many soldiers who come to its catalog to meet their day-to-day needs. Aside from the military, MILTEC is also known to adventure and mountaineering enthusiasts as it has many items for mountainous environments. At sermilitar we have a wide selection of MILTEC products with the best-selling items such as miltec military backpacks. The best miltec articles in sermilitar.‎