Interview with a eurofighter pilot

In this interview, conducted at our Discord channel, we are pleased to have with us a pilot of the Eurofighter Typhoon, the most advanced combat aircraft in the Spanish army.

He will tell us about his experience at the AGA, to his day to day life as a fighter pilot. We hope you like it and we read you in the comments.

Why did you decide to be a pilot?

I decided to be a pilot when I was little, seeing in a parade on October 12 the passing of some F18. That aroused in me the interest to investigate the subject and make an effort to achieve it.

How was your first year at the academy?

My first year at the AGA was perhaps one of the most difficult years as you have to get used to a new life away from your family. The discipline required of a first year cadet is probably the hardest part, there are many rules to follow and severe penalties.

What is day-to-day life like at the AGA?

The day to day at the AGA is very changeable, even within the same year. You live weeks of not stopping studying, demanding maneuvers, or very stressed by the flight.
But there are also other quieter weeks in which you can go out with your colleagues and enjoy a lot. In short, even the hardest weeks bring you moments of happiness with your classmates, the 5 years of the academy in general are very nice years.

How was your first time flying?

The first time I flew was in the baptism of flight that was done in my time when you were a cadet in the second year. One day they put you in the rear cabin of a Pillan and I remember it as a very nice experience. After so long dreaming of getting on a plane, it is a very special moment.

What have you studied? How would you describe the pressure of combining studies with flight classes?

The AGA is studying a degree in Industrial Organization Engineering

Combining the race with the flight is sometimes a difficult task. Most of us who pass through there focus most of our efforts on the flight because the subjects of the career in general tend to be somewhat simpler from the third. Also preparing to fly a flight mission usually takes a long time.

How is the exam or test in which you choose or choose to go hunting, transport or helicopters?

At the end of the 4th Course, the best flying grades go to Hunting and Attack, to obtain the hunting aptitude you need to obtain an 8 in all the flight phases of the year, which requires you to be at 100% throughout the course. .
The rest of the students choose the rest of the transport places and helicopters in order of rank

How many people do not get to be a pilot?

Well, in general, there are many people who fall by the wayside, of the 60 flight students who usually enter each year, they usually graduate as fighter pilots 12/14, although the numbers vary each year, but tend to that proportion

When you leave the AGA, how do you get the destination?

When leaving the AGA, a destination is chosen in order of rank within your specialty.

How is the day to day of a fighter pilot, after leaving the AGA?

Our day begins with the general briefing at 07:30 in the morning where the weather is reviewed and an emergency or aircraft system is reviewed. Then, about two hours before takeoff, there is a briefing on the mission to be flown, and then there is a debriefing in which some data or videos of the plane are reviewed to draw lessons learned.

What responsibilities do you have if you damage something on a fighter?

The pilot is not responsible when an aircraft breaks down, unless the breakdown was caused by a violation of rules or procedures, which is very rare.

How often do you usually fly?

The number of times you fly is variable, but in general I could say that a newly arrived lieutenant can fly an average of 3 times a week and it increases to 5 times or more when you are an experienced Captain.

What missions do fighter pilots carry out abroad?

Air Policing missions are currently carried out by NATO in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

What do you think about the fact that many pilots enter the military with a view to becoming a commercial pilot?

I don't know anyone who has entered with a view to being a civilian pilot. When you are promoted to Commander, you lose your destiny and family conciliation often forces you to look for a different job.
Most of the pilots who have to leave the military are to get some family stability.

Every time you move up the officer ranks, does your destiny change?

For EA pilots, when you get promoted to Captain you have a chance of being forced to go to school. Later, with the promotion to Commander you lose your destiny and you have to change every 3 years, this is what makes family compatibility the most difficult.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

I would advise him to focus on being better every day and to always think about improving himself in every detail. The most important part is being critical of yourself in order to be the best version of yourself. The result of your goals is not the important thing in the end, but knowing that you did everything in your power to achieve it.

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