Interview with an AGM cadet

 In this post we bring you another interview from our Discord channel. In this case to a colleague of the AGM, we hope you like it.

1- Why did you decide to enter the AGM? What was your average grade in high school? How much do you consider the minimum to enter?

First of all I wanted to be a military man since I have liked it a lot since I was little, I used to watch many documentaries about the armed forces and I was very interested, in addition to the fact that I have many relatives in the Armed Forces. But in addition to vocation there is also the part that in addition to doing what I like, I wanted to help and I think that the best way to help is this.

I got an 8.88 high school average. To be sure of entering you have to always go for 10 but a 9 is very goodn


2- How did you prepare for admission? Are they very strict in medical access tests, specifically in vision?

I don't know if you mean physically or with studies. But physically, I've always been pretty good, I cycled a lot, swam a lot and in the Physical Education exams of the Cooper test and that was going pretty well. In high school I went out for a run to train the 1 km and in the end it was quite easy for me. With the studies, in high school I put my batteries a lot and I got it with a good grade, in the selectivity I got a very good grade in the subjects that weight like math and Physics.

On Earth they are not at all strict with the issue of sight, where they are strict it is in the air that they do a lot of tests there.


3- How was your first month at the AGM? Was the adaptation phase very hard?

It was part of the adaptation phase, I was always very tired, but little by little I got used to it, which is what it is done for. But I liked it a lot since there you already get to know your classmates and your next best friends.

The adaptation phase was hard since we come from a very different way of life, you arrive from the summer holidays to be continually exhausted and sleep very few hours. I think this phase is essential because if someone can't stand it, I'm telling you this isn't your place, people always leave sooner or later and that's good for those who stayed at the gates to enter.


4- What studies are taken at the AGM? Is everything that the syllabus says really done?

On Earth, the subjects of Industrial Engineering are studied and the Civil Guard those of Security Engineering. Which are those of the University of Zaragoza, but we also do the respective military subjects, topography, ground weapon systems, etc.

Yes, in my case I don't know if there was a year in which fewer or more subjects were taught.


5- What is the subject of the class schedule and what is done in the afternoon apart from studying?

It's like the schedule is a common university, with its respective breaks and that. In the afternoon, not only do you have to study during the obligatory hours that there are, but if you want to get along well, it is important to study more, in the afternoon sometimes we do closed order, small surprise maneuvers, sports, etc.


6- How is a day at the AGM?

In the morning Diana is ready to line up, the second lieutenants review, have breakfast and go straight to class, we have common areas that only cadets can access to hang out, we have our time for sports, study and something else that they make us do the controls. We also take turns taking turns with the imaginary and the guards of the academy together with the military police at the access doors and that. And then dinner and to bed.


7- What do you do for manoeuvres?

I am going to tell you more or less what we have done in the maneuvers that I had these past 2 weeks. We have "shot" with the tr90 which is a copy of the c90 but for training that is fired with an electric cartridge. We have done urban combat in the facilities that were recently built, we have kicked a lot, we have gone to the shooting range, also to the simulation range, we have done orientation, combat practice...


8- How is the AGM in this COVID cycle?

Now it's much better, you can now invite the family to events with the invitations they give you. But at the beginning it was the worst that not even my family could go to my pledge to the flag, although thanks to YouTube they saw it live there.


9- What advice would you give to those who want to enter the AGM?

That he study and study that the easiest way is to get a good grade in high school and of course that he prepares himself physically. I was lucky that my parents supported me a lot and I was very motivated to continue studying, because the hard part is getting motivated. The first courses are the hardest because that is where you study the most, but the last ones are the practical ones and the ones that are really cool.


Yo también estuve en una academia militar, en mi caso del Aire y todo, todo lo que soy a día de hoy se lo debo al Ejército….

Marcos Terrones July 07, 2022

Comparto su comentario, porque soy Militar y el éxito en esta noble empresa es amar lo que haces y finalizar la jornada con la satisfacción del deber cumplido y también porque tengo un hijo en primer curso de la AGM.

Javier Santander Villena March 03, 2022


CARLOS March 03, 2022

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