Silva Ranger S compassSilva Ranger S compass

Silva Ranger S compass

Silva Ranger CompassSilva Ranger Compass

Silva Ranger Compass

Silva Ranger 3 Black Compass

Silva Ranger 3 Black Compass

Silva A4 map caseSilva A4 map case

Silva A4 map case

Silva Expedition S CompassSilva Expedition S Compass

Silva Expedition S Compass

Silva L large map caseSilva L large map case

Silva L large map case


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Silva is a manufacturer that traces its history back to 1933, at that time, Silva invented the first liquid capsule compass, which today is a standard in navigation. Since then Silva has been innovating and improving his compasses and other items related to navigation. Today Silva compasses are synonymous with assured quality and are the best compasses you can buy. At sermilitar we have a wide selection of silva items, from compasses to map covers.