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The Gatorz brand was founded in 1989 in San Diego, California, with the goal of building rugged aerospace aluminum eyewear that could serve state law enforcement personnel and offer protection as well as clarity. Conventional glasses with plastic frames can deform when faced with strong impacts and adverse conditions. Gatorz have become widely used among US Army Special Operations operators, with the original Magnum model a favorite and trusted eye protection solution for functional ballistic protection.‎ Unlike other bulkier glasses, Gatorz glasses being made of aerospace aluminum get thinner and stronger temples. Gatorz goggles fit better over helmets and headsets. The face wrap design also offers superior protection from wind, dust, and debris. For over thirty years, Gatorz has been the professional's choice when eye protection and visual clarity are mission essential. Crafting high-velocity impact resistant lenses, to combine with durable aerospace aluminum frames, is just one of the many ways Gatorz pushes the limits of high-performance eyewear, including ANSI 87.1 Z, MILSPEC Ballistic and Optimized polarized lens options that won't obscure digital screens.