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The Direct Action brand is a Polish brand born from the combination of great design and manufacturing capabilities with exceptional knowledge of the specific needs of the end user of special operations forces.‎ ‎This combination has created a flexible approach with all the necessary options, while remaining agile and avoiding overload. Each part of the system interacts with the other components: weapons, cargo gear, backpacks, jackets, service uniforms, and even camouflage patterns – each of these is part of a whole and a key component that is critical to the success of the mission. ‎ ‎In creating Direct Action, every detail was rigorously thought through from this systemic perspective: no random choices, no compromises, no "business as usual" design approach, no shying away from new technology, and all based on first-class experience. real-world hand of elite special operations units. With Direct Action you will get the best equipment available.‎